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Jörg Buttgereit (ed.)
Texts by Linnie Blake, Christian Keßler, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Claus Löser, Johannes Schönherr, Marcus Stiglegger
232 pages, german/english
ISBN 978-3-927795-46-4
Euro 17.80

Jörg Buttgereit's two movies Nekromantik and Nekromantik 2 will continue to engage and challenge us for a long time to come. Love, death, and sex are humanity's most prevalent topics. Buttgereit intertwines these topics so firmly that his movies, shot entirely on narrow gauge film, were at first categorized as splatter films and subsequently confiscated and banned nationwide. Today they are considered outstanding pieces of art. In this book six film enthusiasts explain how this controversy played out. Interpretations range from the beginnings of the history of film to today's society with its taboos, possibilities, and mistakes. Buttgereit's movies radically reflect—both humorously and intelligently—what it means to work with the moving image as well as its significance beyond the genre of film.
Jörg Buttgereit *1963 in Berlin is the director and author of art-house-horror-movies, monster-documentarys, stage plays and radio dramas. He also works as a filmjournalist. Martin Schmitz Verlag also published Japan - Die Monsterinsel, Buttgereit´s monster-filmguide to Godzilla, Gamera & Co.


Derek Jarman
Blue - The Book
72 pages, german/english
ISBN 978-3-927795-13-6
Euro 10.50

“Blue” is the last film made by Derek Jarman. There is no picture, the film just shows the colour of blue. Derek Jarman who turned blind as a result of AIDS has dedicated this film to Yves Klein, whose conviction he shared that there is more to things than meets the eye.
This is the book that contains the complete text spoken in the film: a great artist`s will who seemed to have come to an agreement with death.


Wolfgang Müller
Deadly Doris - White burgundery from Schweigen
34 pages, photography&drawings
ISBN 978-3-927795-14-3
Euro 10.00

The Deadly Doris broke into three parts in 1987. Each of the three members of the group transported the multi-parted Deadly Doris into one or several different conditions. Wolfgang Müller transformed Deadly Doris  into white wine. Claudia Schandt spoke to the wine-dealer Wolfgang Müller about transformation.


The Deadly Doris - Art
128 pages, german/english, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-927795-20-4
Euro 24.50

The former press consultant of Deadly Doris Monika Reich collected all about the art projects done by the group beside music and film. Another part of the book presents articles from different international newspapers and books about Deadly Doris between 1980 - 1999. You´ll also find a complete biography in music, art, performances, records, exhibitions and other activities before and after disbanding of the group in 1987.


The Deadly Doris - Cinema
144 pages, german/english
ISBN 978-3-927795-37-2
Euro 24.50

All about the films by Die Tödliche Doris like "The Life of Sid Vicious" Sid was played by 3 year old Oskar, and Nancy by 7 year old Angie. Oskar was the son of Dagmar Dimitroff, ”Tödliche Doris’” drummer at the time. Nikolaus Utermöhlen took care of the production and the cutting. Wolfgang Müller’s voice synchronised the film, taking the role of Sid, with his quiet whining, and also the high shrill death cry of the 7 year old Angie.


Käthe Kruse
128 pages, german/english, color, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-927795-33-4
Euro 24.50

Le Sexe Rouge (The Red Sex) or Skin Museum are titles of Käthe Kruse´s work, which move between painting, objects, installations, music and performance. Käthe Kruse was a member of the legendary Deadly Doris.